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A Family Tradition Since 1946
The Biggest Champions of the Past


The Biggest Champions of the Present
Born in 1906, Emilio De Marchi was a pioneer of modern cycling. Friend of cycling legends like Ottavio Bottecchia, Gino Bartali and Louison Bobet, just to name a few, he started his career as a mechanic of bicycles and motorcycles. After being a cyclist himself, in the twenties he became actively involved with some of the first teams ever. At that time, quality cycling apparel were hard to come by, so Emilio through wife Emma, solicited by many fellow cyclists, started a small homemade production of cycling-clothes and actively contributed to the definition of a cycling specific standard as opposed to more generic "sports" clothes that were more easily available back in the day.
  The advent of professional cycling sees Emilio De Marchi ceding pass to daughter Elda to face the second generation in what turned from pure passion into a real business. Some iconic garments such as the Italia track suit are crafted and the legend goes on with names such as Basso, Moser, Argentin to name a few, that made it to the top of the world in the sixties, seventies and eighties.

  The third generation came in at the end of the eighties to expand markets and make collaborations with emerging international bicycle manufacturers and riders. In between then and today, De Marchi has been the sponsor and/or developer and manufacturer for Ritchey, Breezer, Marin, Diamondback, Schwinn, Scott, GT, Trek, Fisher, Cannondale, Specialized, Dainese, Oakley, The Russian Cycling Federation, Tour of America, Tour of Ireland and the American Cycling Federation, just to name a few.