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Discover the Variety of De Marchi Men's Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets are essential to ensure comfort and protection during rides in various weather conditions. Ideal for creating a resilient and breathable outer layer, our collection includes lightweight cycling jackets suitable for mid-season, windproof jackets, and waterproof jackets for your most challenging rides. Whether you are engaged in road cycling, riding your Gravel bike, or tackling a mountain bike trail, we have the perfect jacket for every cycling outing.

Como Windproof Jacket: Protection and Style in One Garment

The Como Windproof Jacket is designed by De Marchi to offer perfect wind resistance during spring rides and a reliable shelter from light rain. It ensures excellent breathability for the cyclist wearing it, making it ideal for cycling on cooler and windier days. With its fit and carefully crafted details, this cycling jacket combines functionality and style, offering comfort during long rides.

Stelvio Waterproof Jacket: Maximum Protection from Adverse Weather in a High-Performance Cycling Jacket

The Stelvio Waterproof Jacket is designed to provide total protection from adverse weather, ensuring dryness and comfort even in the rain. Made with high-quality materials and heat-sealed seams, this men's cycling jacket represents the perfect technical choice for facing adverse weather conditions and any terrain without compromising performance.

Classic Softshell Jacket: The Elegant and Functional Cycling Jacket

The Classic Softshell Jacket, developed by De Marchi to ensure protection from the elements and a refined look, is useful for Gravel riding, daily urban cycling, or Sunday excursions. Made with top-quality water-repellent technical fabrics, the Classic jacket guarantees warmth and protection during cold and rainy days, without compromising freedom of movement and the elegance of the wearer.

Bora PrimaLoft Jacket: The Cycling Jacket Designed for Adventure

The Bora PrimaLoft Jacket by De Marchi is dedicated to those who love adventure on the saddle, especially Off-Road cycling. Developed for gravel adventure enthusiasts and daily bike users, this cycling jacket offers maximum thermal protection without weighing down the cyclist. Made with innovative high-quality materials like PrimaLoft, its lightweight padding ensures discreet insulation while maintaining maximum breathability, perfect for adventures in adverse weather conditions. This cycling jacket is the ideal choice for those seeking maximum comfort and protection

In cycling apparel, the jacket is an important component in every cyclist's wardrobe: choose the style of De Marchi cycling jackets for unparalleled protection and comfort.