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De Marchi cycling shorts and bibs: all the value of quality craftmanship

Cycling shorts and bibs have always been the landmark of De Marchi cycling clothing offer and are among the best you can find. Entirely developed in Italy, they are crafted by expert workers using exclusively the best Italian materials.

De Marchi’s research and development have contributed to create and refine many materials that are considered standard in today’s cycling apparel industry. The use of fabrics with differentiated elasticities allows for the right amount of compression and handcrafted finishes are the De Marchi trademark for the best cycling shorts and bib shorts for road cycling and gravel available.

All De Marchi’s cycling shorts and bib shorts adopts exclusively Elastic Interface Technology chamois pads, unanimously recognized to be the best in the market.

On our Journal section of our website you can find a useful guide on how to choose your perfect cycling shorts and bib shorts.