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Fuoristrada Jersey & Revo Kit
Fuoristrada Jersey + Revo Gloves
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Fuoristrada Jersey
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Revo Gloves
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Fuoristrada Jersey
A new addition to the De Marchi Spring range, the Fuoristrada represents a new standard in gravel riding. Made with a merino-based fabric combined with Cordura, the Fuoristrada jersey is more resistant to accidental snags and tears than any cycling jersey. Naturally hi-wicking and antibacterial, this innovative blend fabric is also insulating against colder Spring mornings and extremely breathable in warmer conditions plus it’s quick drying, which makes the jersey perfect when caught by the rain or on multiple day trips. It features a sturdy, oversized, stay down zipper for easier on & off and a very discreet hi-vis reflective back tab. Three robust rear pockets are supplemented by a secure, zippered pocket designed to protect your valuable essentials.
Revo Gloves
Developed with a scientific approach to hand comfort, the REVO glove is the first cycling glove to include the EIT Palm by Elastic Interface. In all riding styles, De Marchi’s REVO glove is the most advanced cycling glove ever developed and delivers incredible comfort compared to any other glove in the market.

Handlebar vibrations do not only affect hands but being one of the three points of contact of the body with the bicycle (the others being saddle and pedals) they involve the whole posture.

Most gloves on the market only address grip and due to the very limited surface it’s been almost impossible to provide real cushioning until the recent introduction of hybrid foams such as HCS by Elastic Interface. HCS provide incredible high density (200 kg/m3).

REVO is the first glove to offer super high density HCS foams that are strategically placed to relieve pressure from sensitive areas, including the ulnar nerve. Moreover, its pre-curved shape and elastic structure that allows for multi-directional stretch reduces the intensity of the grip on the handlebar, delaying fatigue.

Entirely made in Italy from Italian materials, the REVO glove offers unparalleled comfort and drastic reduction of tingling and soreness.

Available in 5 sizes, from XS to XL, the REVO glove fits more comfortably than traditional cycling gloves of equivalent size due to its extremely elastic palm. Please check the specific section in the size-chart.
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