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Fuoristrada Kit
Fuoristrada Jersey + Perfecto Fuoristrada Bib Short
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Fuoristrada Jersey
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Perfecto Fuoristrada Bib Short
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Fuoristrada Jersey
A new addition to the De Marchi Spring range, the Fuoristrada represents a new standard in gravel riding. Made with a merino-based fabric combined with Cordura, the Fuoristrada jersey is more resistant to accidental snags and tears than any cycling jersey. Naturally hi-wicking and antibacterial, this innovative blend fabric is also insulating against colder Spring mornings and extremely breathable in warmer conditions plus it’s quick drying, which makes the jersey perfect when caught by the rain or on multiple day trips. It features a sturdy, oversized, stay down zipper for easier on & off and a very discreet hi-vis reflective back tab. Three robust rear pockets are supplemented by a secure, zippered pocket designed to protect your valuable essentials.
Perfecto Fuoristrada Bib Short
A comfortable short is the foundation of personal well-being on the saddle, no matter if it’s a Sunday morning group ride with friends or a multiple-day excursion. Entirely made from a revolutionary, lightweight, scratch-resistant, stretch woven fabric and with sturdier mesh pockets, the new Perfecto Fuoristrada Bib Short is the missing link for gravel and off-road riding and is designed to perform in hot weather. Lighter in weight compared to our Perfecto Trail Bib but still entirely water-resistant, it adds a similar storage capacity than a regular jersey and is extremely thermo-regulating thus being the perfect companion on longer rides. Our proprietary Perfecto patterning allows for adapting compression in each and every phase of the pedaling movement while an Elastic Interface All Roads Chamois System exclusively designed for De Marchi provides maximum saddle protection thanks to half-moon anatomical shape with a central channel to ease pressure on the prostate on longer rides, super high density cushioning and bacteria-static construction to repel unwanted odors and germs.
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