(Men's Jerseys, 2021 Edition)
De Marchi Cycling - Jersey SS Guide
From the golden age of cycling to the birth of mountain-biking our jerseys have witnessed the history of the sport and have been trusted by World Champions and amateurs alike. Make sure you take advantage of their experience to choose your perfect jersey!
CORTINA The original WindJersey CLASSICA Four season comfort STRADA Road-specific, mid-weight jersey FUORISTRADA Scratch-resistant gravel-specific jersey LEGGERA Lightweight Summer jersey SUPERLEGGERA Our silk-based, lightest jersey CLASSICA LONG SLEEVE Natural insulation MILANO LONG SLEEVE Winter lightweight protection
Few people know that the original WindJersey™ was born at De Marchi in 1993 from a collaborative effort with W.L. Gore. The WindJersey™ set the standard for a modern windproof, short-sleeved top to be worn as an alternative to bulkier jackets. Our 2021 version is now totally windproof and water-resistant plus it features an inner layer of superfine merino wool next to the skin so that it does not need to be worn with a base layer underneath. The new Cortina is perfect for Early Spring or chilly morning rides and in transitional seasons.
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Merino wool was the gold standard of sports apparel back in the day until synthetic fibers came by. But wool's unique ability to get rid of vapor sweat before it turns to moisture sweat (hence the definition of "moisture management") has remained unmatched. Having been a pioneer of Merino wool during the so-called golden age of cycling, De Marchi has actively contributed in the early stages of Sportwool development. This is why our medium weight blend of new Merino wool and recycled polyester is the best possible fabric for a multi-season jersey. At 150 grams per meter Sportwool has a similar weight than most other non lightweight jerseys but it offers superior transfer of vapor sweat, insulation and quick drying. Designed for Spring and Fall in temperate weather, its use can well be extended for most part of Summer (except in very hot and humid weather) and Early Winter.
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Cut from recycled nylon microfiber, the Strada, like all De Marchi jerseys, is rigorously non-sublimated but rather dyed to preserve its fabric qualities that otherwise could be diminished by the printing process. An almost flat surface is specifically designed to offer less resistance to the air thus promoting efficient aerodynamics. The Strada is specifically designed for Spring and Early Summer training and racing but its use can be extended during Early Fall in normal weather.
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In order to design our first gravel jersey we had to imagine a whole new fabric that could deliver specific off-road performance. We started from our most versatile material, high-performance Merino & polyester blend as used on our best-selling Classica jersey and changed the polyester component into scratch-resistant Cordura™ Nylon for durability. Designed for Spring weather in the shade of the woods, the Fuoristrada can be also used in Early Summer and Early Fall, in normal weather and not too hot temperatures.
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Designed specifically for the Summer, the Leggera Jersey does exactly as its name says: lightweight performance for hot weather. Cut from recycled nylon, the Leggera features a streamlined construction and is virtually odorless thanks to microfiber technology. Rigorously non-sublimated in order not to alter the fabric properties to efficiently wick moisture, the Leggera is recommended for use throughout all Summer, in Late Spring and sometimes Early Fall, if weather allows.
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Blending a family tradition for natural fibers with high performances, the Superleggera is an incredible mix of natural and sustainable Silk with hi-tech, Stretch-woven recycled nylon to deliver a feather-weight, supreme moisture wicking, quicker drying than any other material and, incredibly, some wind resistance at same time. Specifically designed for hot Summer, the Superleggera can be used as well in Late Spring and Early Fall with mild temperatures and/or an extra base layer.
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The gold standard in cycling fabrics, Sportwool is now available in a slightly heavier quality on our Classica, not only a longer sleeve version of our best-selling tech jersey ever but rather an essential tool to get you through the Winter in style. Designed for use alone in early Fall and early Spring with dry weather, it's in fact meant for layering in Winter. Pair it with our 100% Merino base layer in Early Winter and virtually double the insulation or wear under a jacket of choice to create your perfect layering strategy based on weather and temperature.
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Our tough & luxe long sleeve, the Milano is crafted in Italy from Roubaix fabric for superior insulation and warmth. It is meant to be worn alone in early Fall and late Spring with humid weather where the microfiber nylon component of the fabric perform at its best to keep humidity at bay but it can comfortably used as an intermediate layer in harsher conditions by wearing a technical base underneath and/or either a hard or soft shell jacket, depending on temperatures.
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