(Men's Shorts & Tights, 2021 Edition)
De Marchi Cycling - Shorts & Tights Guide
Focus on what matters is our mantra at De Marchi. Product development is only driven by obsessively refining what's good and imagining what will be good tomorrow. We don't think pricepoints but rather how to make you stay comfortable on your bike, longer. In 1991 we created Soft-Gel™, the first hi-tech chamois pad. Later on we developed Elastic Interface® Technology, the gold standard in cycling shorts. Check out our Shorts guide and find out how our 75+ years experience in making the finest Italian cycling apparel can help you find what's best for you.
PERFECTO STRADA BIB SHORT Road-specific, endurance pro short PERFECTO FUORISTRADA BIB SHORT Scratch-resistant gravel short PERFECTO LEGGERO BIB SHORT Lightweight, Summer specific short SUPERLEGGERO 75th ANNIVERSARY Our lightest short ever PERFECTO WINTER BIB SHORT Mid-season, insulating short PERFECTA THERMAL BIB TIGHT Thermal winter tight with our signature Perfecto fit CLASSIC MERINO SHORT Timeless classic, updated with modern chamois technology CLASSIC MERINO TIGHT Natural wool insulation
Originally born to answer once and for all a world-old question regarding cycling shorts patterning and anatomy, the Perfecto Strada is the natural, road-specific evolution of our original Perfecto. Entirely made with a heavy duty, recycled Lycra fabric, it features selective muscle compression via muscle-specific patterning to reduce fatigue plus a state-of-the-art Elastic Interface® proprietary chamois designed to support both the ischial bones and perineal area on the saddle where most of the pressure is concentrated. Medium weight, designed for use in Spring, Summer and early Fall in most temperate climates. Quick drying.
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Featuring the same pattering of our original Perfecto to provide selective muscle compression and muscle-specific patterning, the Fuoristrada is designed for gravel. Its main component is a scratch resistant, stretch woven Italian fabric and it features a state-of-the-art, off-road specific and proprietary chamois by Elastic Interface® that concentrate protection on the ischial bones over the saddle. Also featuring oversized side pockets. Designed for use throughout all Spring, Summer and until Early Fall.
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Designed to perform in hot weather, everything on this short is about lightness. From the fabric used that weights 25% less compared to our Perfecto Strada without being see-through to an incredibly light chamois by Elastic Interface®, developed exclusively for De Marchi with a perforated foam with higher density in order to deliver same protection as our other Perfecto shorts with less weight. Designed specifically for Summer use.
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Born to celebrate our 75th Anniversary in 2021, in order to create the Superleggero we had to change an entire industry and nearly 40 years of misconceptions against natural fibers. For the first time Silk is in fact blended with hi-tech recycled nylon in a stretch-woven, superlight fabric and with an industry-first, proprietary hybrid chamois by Elastic Interface® that offers almost double the protection compared to our Perfecto shorts with 30% less weight. An incredible result that makes this latest addition to our shorts line the lightest we ever created. Perfect for hot and super hot weather, the Superleggero it also offer good resistant to wind thanks to stretch-woven technology (as opposed to knit, usually found on most shorts) so that its use can comfortably be extended from Spring to Fall.
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An hybrid short to get you through transitional seasons, our Perfecto Winter Bib is crafted in Italy from Roubaix, fleeced-back Lycra fabric to provide insulation when temperatures drop but extra freedom of movement is needed compared to a long tight. Otherwise featuring same specs as our Spring Perfecto Bib series including Perfecto patterning for selective muscle compression, proprietary Elastic Interface® CRM anatomical chamois and 360° visible reflective leg grippers, its life can be easily extended through colder weather by pairing with either a knee or leg warmer.
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Inheriting the best of specs from its Spring relative, our Perfecto bib series, the Perfecta Bib Tight offer tough protection for cold weather thanks to SuperRoubaix fleeced back Lycra fabric that is insulating and treated with a water-repellant coating. Our legendary Perfecto patterning provide selective compression to different muscles and a proprietary Elastic Interface® fully anatomical and super high-density chamois does the job to keep you on the saddle more comfortably and for longer time.
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Transcending time and matter, the Merino short is a timeless item. Invented at De Marchi and perfected through decades of unobtrusive, under the radar technical innovation, it now features almost 70% rigorously non-mulesed, sustainable Merino wool in a vented construction and blended with recycled nylon for durability and easy care. The Classic Merino short is surely the perfect match for any woolen top but it can also be paired with our Classica Sportwool jersey for a modern, refined look. Featuring a super comfy Elastic Interface® high density, bacteria-static and stink-free chamois made with stitched cushioning elements rather than heat molded, the Classic Merino Short can be comfortably worn at least 3 seasons out of 4 with the only exception being Winter.
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