De Marchi and Wool: a love story
De Marchi Cycling - Shorts & Tights Guide
Once unanimously recognized as the gold standard in cycling apparel, Wool has then been prematurely discarded in favor of synthetic fibers but its technical properties remain unmatched. Wool is in fact the only known fiber capable to literally draw off sweat molecules from body and transport them on the outside while they are still in vapor status rather than "manage moisture", which is what most other so-called technical fabrics do once sweat has already turned liquid and takes more time to dry. Moreover, Wool is naturally resistent to odors plus it's one of the most thermo-regulating fiber: never too hot, never too cold.

At De Marchi during our 75+ years of uninterrupted activity making the best Italian cycling apparel, we never stopped using Wool in many of our products. This is why we can proudly affirm "we know Wool".

Wool is available in a variety of textures and can make up all the fibers contained in a garment or just a part.

Besides regular Merino, of which, by convention, fiber diameter is thicker than 20 microns (0,02 millimeters or about 0,0008 inches), there is "Fine" Merino (between approximately 20 and 19 microns), "Super Fine" Merino (between approximately 19 and 17,5 microns) and "Extra Fine" Merino (sometimes also referred to as "Super Extra Fine"), with fiber diameter of less than 17,5 microns, which is widely considered to be the best available quality.

Garments made of 100% Wool are referred to as "Pure Wool" whereas "Wool Rich" indicates that a product contains between 50 and 99,9% Wool and "Wool Performance" a minimum of 30% Wool.

Wool can be also "New" (meaning it comes from direct sheering) or recycled.

De Marchi only uses "Fine", "Super Fine" and "Extra Fine" Merino Wool.
Men's Classica Sportwool Jersey Short Sleeve
Men's Fuoristrada Jersey
"Wool Performance" Merino in a "Super Fine" texture is found on our Classica (also referred to as "Sportwool") and Fuoristrada jerseys. In this case Wool is blended with other synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyamide (nylon) mainly for easy care and in order to keep a technical or sometimes semi-technical appearance.
Men's Sportwool Classica Jersey Short Sleeve Men's Sportwool Classica Jersey Long Sleeve Women's Sportwool Classica Jersey Short Sleeve Women's Sportwool Classica Jersey Long Sleeve Men's Fuoristrada Jersey
Men's Cortina Wind Jersey
Men's Cortina Softshell Jacket
"Wool Performance" Merino is found also on the backing of both our Cortina Jersey and Cortina Jacket as an integral inner base layer.
Men's Cortina Wind Jersey Men's Cortina Softshell Jacket Women's Cortina Softshell Jacket
Men's Merino Base Layer
Classici 4-Season Socks (unisex)
All our Merino Base Layers are crafted from Pure New Wool in "Super Fine" consistance while our 4-season and Classici socks feature Wool Blend construction in a so-called "Fine" knit.
Men's Merino Base Layer Men's Carezza Base Layer Men's Carezza Boxer Classici 4-Season Socks (unisex) Classic Merino Socks (unisex)
1970 Salvarani Jersey Replica
Deus Ex-Machina The Harvard Jersey
"Wool Rich" Merino in a "Fine" texture is found on most of our Replica Jerseys, on the Deus Ex-Machina Jerseys and on the Audace Short Sleeve Jersey (Heritage Collection). Wool in this case is blended with acrylic, a fiber that is cosmetically similar to wool, for easy care and to keep a retro appearance.
View our replica jerseys collection Audace Jersey Short Sleeve (unisex) Deus Ex-Machina The Harvard Jersey (unisex) Deus Ex-Machina Portals Jersey (unisex) Deus Ex-Machina Early Bird Jersey (unisex)
Audace Merino Jersey Long Sleeve (unisex)
Vigorelli Merino Jacket (unisex)
Our Audace Long Sleeve Jersey, all 100% Wool Replica Jerseys and Vigorelli Jacket are made of "Super Fine", "Pure Wool" while our D.S. Polos are made of "Extra Fine", 100% "Pure Wool".
Audace Merino Jersey Long Sleeve (unisex) Vigorelli Merino Jacket (unisex) D.S. Merino Polo (unisex)
Classic Merino Short (unisex)
Classic Merino Tight (unisex)
"Wool Rich" Merino blended with nylon and Lycra in "Super Fine" knit is found on our Classic Wool Shorts & Tights, arm and leg warmers, for a true vintage look.
Classic Merino Short (unisex) Classic Merino Tight (unisex) Classici Arm Warmers (unisex) Classici Leg Warmers (unisex)