Audace Jersey Tone on Tone

Maglia da ciclismo in lana merino Audace, navy

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The Audace jersey, with tone-on-tone embroidered logo, is made with the same quality and techniques of those years

The Audace Vintage Cycling Jersey is a heartfelt tribute to the golden age of cycling, drawing inspiration from the era when cycling teams captivated fans with their classic styles and pure Merino wool jerseys. Crafted on special semi-automatic 12-needle machines, the Audace Jersey is a modern classic, designed for the discerning cyclist who values the blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary functionality

  • 100% Pure Merino Wool: Revel in the luxury of the finest Merino wool, offering exceptional breathability and thermoregulation.
  • Authentic Vintage Design: Celebrate cycling history with design elements reminiscent of the most celebrated teams of the past.
  • Craftsmanship: Each jersey is a piece of art, knitted with care on specialized machinery for an authentic vintage feel. Tailored Cycling Fit: Enjoy a snug yet comfortable fit that's perfect for both vigorous rides and leisurely journeys.
  • Classic Details: Admire the double-layered collars and cuffs, the iconic three-pocket configuration, and the exquisite "chain stitch" embroidery that adds a touch of class.
  • Artfully Aged Zipper: A Riri zipper, artfully aged in a silver bath, provides a unique vintage touch that complements the jersey's overall aesthetic.
  • Customizable Chest Band: Make it your own with the ability to add personal or team sponsors on the spacious chest band.

Scheda tecnica

Freddo, Intermedio
City Adventure, Gravel, Strada
lana merino super fine
lavare a mano in acqua fredda, usare poco sapone neutro, non lasciare umido, non candeggiare, non lavare a secco, stiratura tiepida, non asciugare in asciugatrice

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