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Explore our capsule collections made in collaboration with cutting-edge designers around the globe

Through the years we made collaborations with some of most influential fashion and sports brands that shared with us the great passion for cycling. The result is a series of capsule collections inspired by history of cycling, all made in Italy by De Marchi and limited in quantities.


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De Marchi collaborative collections: iconic cycling garments uniquely reinterpreted 

Deus ex Machina, the self-proclaimed “Emporium of Post-Modern Activities” is a popular Australian brand which ranges from motorcycles, to surfing and cycling. Their fresh designed inspired by motor racing and Americana are perfectly depicted in a special line of retro wool jersey available exclusively at

Nigel Cabourn is probably the most influential stylist in vintage and retro-inspired apparel. He has redesigned iconic De Marchi items spanning from the 40s through the 70s with utmost respect of history and his unmistakable British style.