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Protect Your Hands with De Marchi Cycling Gloves: The Perfect Fusion of Innovation, Design, Style, and Performance

De Marchi's cycling gloves are the premium choice to safeguard your hands on the handlebars. Cycling gloves are pivotal accessories that help absorb micro-vibrations from handlebar contact, alleviate palm pressure, and protect the skin in case of accidental falls. From our most technical REVO Gloves line to vintage cycling gloves, from long cycling gloves to mid-season ones, enjoy the right comfort for every ride, whether it's practicing road cycling, amidst dust and mud during a Gravel ride, or on uneven trails in Mtb.

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De Marchi Signature Cycling Gloves: The Solution for All Riding Conditions, Regardless of the Season

De Marchi offers a wide selection of cycling gloves for all seasons and riding styles, from road cycling to gravel, to the increasingly popular vintage cycling. Our technical cycling gloves, developed in collaboration with Elastic Interface, the leading brand in saddle comfort, provide unmatched vibration protection and are available in short, mid-season, and winter versions for road cycling and gravel. Our Heritage gloves are perfect for both gravel roads and urban use.

De Marchi Revo Cycling Gloves: Cutting-Edge Design and Performance

The De Marchi Revo cycling gloves embody technological innovation, resulting from our collaboration with Elastic Interface, the giant in the field of cycling protection. Designed to navigate every terrain with confidence, these cycling gloves are more than just an accessory for cycling. Their composition offers superior vibration protection, making them the optimal choice for road cycling, Gravel, or Mtb enthusiasts. Available in specific variations for summer, intermediate, and winter seasons, the Revo gloves are crafted to ensure impeccable riding in every aspect and on every surface, from protection to comfort, all while boasting an eye-catching design.

De Marchi Vintage Cycling Gloves: A Journey Through Time

The collection of vintage cycling gloves from De Marchi revives the glorious era of cycling, carrying an enduring legacy of timeless style and uncompromising performance. Crafted from premium leather with meticulous attention to detail, these masterpieces not only offer an aesthetic dedicated to vintage cycling but also modern functionality. Ideal for road cycling enthusiasts, everyday life, and cyclo-historical competitions, our line of vintage cycling gloves strikes the perfect balance between the past and present, promising to elevate your cycling outfit with a touch of timeless elegance. They are available for both summer and winter seasons.

De Marchi Long Cycling Gloves: Maximum Comfort on the Coldest Days

De Marchi winter cycling gloves are specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and excellent grip on the coldest days. Using cutting-edge materials and ergonomic construction, these bike gloves ensure unparalleled breathability and superb flexibility. They are the perfect ally for long rides when temperatures drop, ensuring that your ride is always top-notch in terms of style, comfort, and performance. Explore our long cycling gloves.

De Marchi is committed to providing an exceptionally versatile range of cycling gloves, suitable to cover all needs and seasons. From the intense heat of summer to the cool winter, from classic road cycling to Gravel or Mtb adventures, every cyclist will find the perfect glove. Prepare for your riding adventures with De Marchi cycling gloves and experience the difference.