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Since 1946, Pioneers in Women's Cycling Clothing: Style, Comfort, and Performance

De Marchi's women's cycling clothing focuses on female ergonomics, achieving the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. From our renowned cycling jerseys to our cycling shorts and tights featuring anatomically developed Elastic Interface chamois, to our cycling jackets, we have the right cycling clothing to provide protection while pedaling in any weather conditions. Complete your kit with our cycling accessories for unmatched comfort. For over 70 years, we have been cycling alongside you to enhance every ride.

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Women's Cycling Apparel by De Marchi: Where Cycling Performance Meets Fashion Elegance

Since 1946, elegance in the saddle bears the name De Marchi, a pioneer in women's cycling clothing. From its origins, dedication to high-quality cycling products and the choice of the best textile materials available on the market have distinguished its collections. High-performance garments, optimized for the female figure, draw on decades of experience in the cycling world. From cycling jerseys to shorts, we offer a wide selection that meets the needs of any female cyclist on the road, Gravel, or Mtb.

Women's Cycling Jerseys: Expression of Italian Quality

Our women's cycling jerseys are known for their superior quality and premium Italian fabrics. Utilizing the most advanced technologies, our garments ensure optimized breathability and maximum comfort, allowing you to effectively manage body heat and experience an unparalleled riding experience, even in the most demanding conditions. From short-sleeve jerseys for warmer bike outings to long-sleeve cycling jerseys for cooler rides, each jersey is designed to provide you with comfortable cycling.

Women's Cycling Shorts and Tights: Comfort without Compromises

When it comes to shorts and tights, De Marchi always prioritizes maximum comfort for women cyclists. The best ride starts right from the chamois: that's why we only use Elastic Interface chamois, a market leader in cycling protection. Our summer cycling shorts and winter women's tights, thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics and ergonomic cuts based on female anatomy, offer optimized elasticity and maximum support, ensuring complete freedom of movement.

Women's Cycling Jackets: Protection for All Seasons

Our selection of women's cycling jackets provides solutions for every weather condition. Our bike jackets are designed to offer a barrier against the elements without compromising skin breathability, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your bike ride. Whether it's under a light spring rain or in the frost of midwinter, the key is to stay covered with a De Marchi cycling jacket.

Women's Cycling Accessories: Enhance Your Riding Experience

In addition to cycling apparel, De Marchi offers a wide range of accessories, including socks, gloves, and shoe covers. These cycling accessories add an extra level of comfort and protection to your ride when temperatures start to drop, allowing you to add an additional layer of protection in sensitive areas. In De Marchi's women's cycling apparel, you will find a wide selection of high-quality garments designed to offer maximum performance without compromising style and comfort. Whether you're a recreational cyclist or a passionate rider, our range of products is designed with you in mind, to enhance every aspect of your riding experience.