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Lightweight cycling jerseys are a must from late Spring and throughout the whole Summer. There are many features to be considered based primarily on the weather, to find the perfect jerseys that fits your needs. De Marchi has a wide assortment to get you covered, whatever style you ride. From road, to off-road and gravel, we have the perfect jerseys for you.

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Choosing the right jersey based on weather and riding style is crucial to get the best performances and balance in terms of body temperature and breathability. The use of the right materials combined with a proper anatomical patterning should provide a perfect fit for the different riding styles. More air-permeable fabrics are usually more suitable for hot and humid weather.

Less air-permeable materials on the other hand can help compensating in changing weather conditions. Merino wool can sometimes be good even in full Summer because it helps maintaining a constant body temperature and is extremely breathable thanks to wool’s natural ability to expel vapor sweat before condensation.

An useful guide to choose your perfect Summer jersey is available on the Journal section of our website.