Revo Gloves

Cycling gloves with revolutionary technology 

The REVO family of cycling gloves are developed with a scientific approach to hand comfort and overall posture. They are the world's first cycling gloves based on the EIT Palm technology of Elastic Interface. De Marchi's REVO cycling gloves are the most advanced ever developed and provide incredible comfort and protection compared to any other glove on the market.

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Protect your hand in all seasons. For the adventurous, but not only.

The REVO family of cycling gloves are designed for your hands and are so functional and snug that wearing them will feel like futuristic hands. 

The REVO short-fingered glove is the first to combine a 3D pre-shaped construction with a fully elastic palm and ultra-high density HCS shock-absorbing foams to dramatically reduce fatigue.

The lightweight full-finger glove is based on Elastic Interface's EIT Palm 3D technology and is the world's first highly protective glove.