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Meet the best women’s cycling shorts and tights from 1946

Cycling shorts are the foundation of cycling apparel. They are the interface between the body and the bike. At De Marchi we take this very seriously. That’s why all of our women’s shorts are rigorously tested by both pro and amateur women riders to make sure that nothing is left to chance. Every seam, every little detail is maniacally checked so that you can ride longer and more comfortably than in any other short.

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Women's Cycling Shorts and Tights by De Marchi: Tradition and Technology for Women

Our collection of women's cycling shorts and tights is designed to offer the best performance, regardless of weather conditions. Whether you're pedaling under the blistering sun wearing one of our women's cycling bib shorts, or need one of our women's cycling tights to ride during the colder months, you'll find what you need to face every cycling adventure. With a wide range of sizes and styles, you're sure to find the cycling clothing that best fits your personal style and comfort needs. Design, anatomy, materials, finishes, and dedicated protections are the secret of De Marchi's women's cycling shorts and tights, always considered the best by those who use them, as in the case of Ruthie Matthes or Juliana Furtado, of the Ritchey and GT teams respectively. In the nineties, they have won Mtb cycling world championships wearing De Marchi women's cycling shorts.

Women's Cycling Bibs: Performance and Style for Maximum Comfort

For warmer days, our women's cycling bib shorts are the ideal option. Made with high-quality Italian fabrics, our cycling shorts offer exceptional comfort, thanks to the use of Elastic Interface Technology pads. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, our cycling shorts are designed to fit perfectly, offering you unparalleled comfort and timeless elegance.

Women's Cycling Tights: Tackle the Toughest Winter Cycling

Thermal Protection and Style Essential for winter cycling, De Marchi's women's cycling tights are perfect for providing maximum thermal insulation and comfort during the coldest rides. Made with top-quality technical materials and ergonomic fine-tuning, our women's cycling tights offer maximum muscle support and thermal protection. With De Marchi tights, you'll be ready to pedal in any condition.

Explore our range of women's cycling shorts and women's cycling tights using our filters for color, size, weather, and use. Find the perfect De Marchi cycling clothing for your specific needs and personal style. With a wide selection of options for training intensity, you can customize your search to find exactly what you need for your cycling.