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De Marchi creates the best cycling tights since 1946. De Marchi’s craftmanship tradition on such crucial Winter garment in unparalleled. Protecting the body from the elements and excessive saddle vibrations is essential, expecially in the Winter. For this reason De Marchi offers a complete range of cycling tights for any condition and riding style.

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De Marchi cycling tights: maximum protection from the elements

Creating the best Winter cycling tights is an art that involves many different abilities. From tailoring the best shape to gently envelope muscles by providing the right amount of compression to selecting only the best materials to ensure maximum protection from the elements and quick drying at the same time. 

A deep technical knowledge is also needed in order to assemble all the above elements and to combine them with the best available chamois technology in order to provide 360-degree comfort on the saddle.

For this reason De Marchi uses exclusively Elastic Interface Technology chamois pads as they are the undisputed cycling comfort leader to always bring De Marchi Winter tights a step ahead of the competition.