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Men's Cycling Shorts: for high-level performance

Italian quality is synonymous with excellence, and when it comes to cycling shorts and bibs, there is no exception. At De Marchi, we take great pride in crafting our cycling apparel using exclusively the best Italian materials, including the finest Italian textiles and chamois pads. Our commitment to Italian quality is what sets us apart, and we believe it is why our cycling shorts and bibs are among the best you can find.

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Italian cycling shorts and bibs: all the value of quality craftmanship

At De Marchi, we have always prided ourselves on our exceptional cycling shorts and bibs, which have been a cornerstone of our clothing offering for years.

De Marchi's research and development team has been at the forefront of creating and refining materials that have become the standard in the cycling apparel industry today. We use fabrics with differentiated elasticities that allow for the right amount of compression, while our handcrafted finishes have become a trademark of the best cycling shorts and bib shorts for road cycling and gravel available.

All of De Marchi men’s cycling shorts and bib shorts feature Elastic Interface Technology chamois pads, which are universally recognized as the best in the market. We believe that using only the best materials and technology is essential to ensuring that our customers have the best possible cycling experience.

For those who are looking to choose their perfect cycling shorts and bib shorts, our website's Journal section features a useful guide. We are committed to providing our customers with the information they need to make the best possible purchasing decisions.