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The Essence of Cycling Comfort: Discover the Best in De Marchi Cycling Underwear and Base Layers

Thermoregulation and moisture management are key to achieving peak performance: our Cycling Underwear is designed to provide you with the best in cycling gear. Crafted with superior quality materials, De Marchi's cycling underwear offers comfort, breathability, and softness on the skin, essential features for the cycling base layers suitable for all types of cycling.

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The First Layer of Cycling Apparel, the Most Important: Choose De Marchi Cycling Base Layers

Cycling Base Layers has always been the primary layer of a cycling kit, and the most crucial in terms of protection and comfort. With premium materials, from 100% merino wool cycling jerseys to sustainable fibers, the ergonomic design of our cycling base layers ensures a perfect fit and an unparalleled feeling of softness on the skin. The lightness and breathability of our cycling underwear will accompany you on every two-wheeled adventure, promoting proper thermoregulation and breathability.

Explore the Cycling Underwear Collection: New Carezza Cycling Undershirt

Our New Carezza cycling undershirt is made of 100% merino wool, designed to provide maximum comfort during your rides. Available in both short and long sleeves, this ultra-light undershirt delicately hugs your body, allowing you to achieve the best performance by harnessing the natural properties of merino wool.

Leggera Base Layer: the Simple and Versatile for Road Cycling, Gravel and MTB

Our Leggera Base Layer is a fundamental piece in the cycling apparel wardrobe, perfect for spring and summer thanks to its high breathability. Crafted with an ultra-light microfiber mesh and an extremely snug fit to minimize bulk, the Leggera Base Layer features pre-shaped Raglan sleeves and flat seams to reduce friction to a minimum. Ideal for indoor use as well. Unisex and Made in Italy. Discover the joy of cycling with De Marchi cycling underwear and get ready for an unparalleled cycling experience. Explore our collection on and choose high-level comfort and performance for your cycling adventures.