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Short sleeve cycling jerseys are typically worn during Spring and Summer months, but the advent of technologically advanced fabrics allows for the creation of multi-season jerseys that sometimes can be worn almost all year, especially if used with a pair of arm warmers.

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De Marchi: short sleeve cycling jerseys for men and women to wear all year-round

Finding the right short sleeve jersey is key to comfort in any riding conditions. Usually, lightweight jerseys are meant for hot and humid weather but with the right underwear even a very light jersey can extend its use though transitional seasons.

In Spring is usually better to opt for a short sleeve jersey that offers some protection from wind. In this case a pair of arm warmers can be helpful to provide some additional warmth when temperatures change rapidly.

While temperatures are rising a multi-season, mid weight short sleeve jersey is usually the right choice. Those with some merino wool content are recommended.

Lightweights are obviously a must during warm summer months to prevent overheating. Still, depending on temperatures, a technical, lightweight base layer can still be very useful sometimes.