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The timeless charm of vintage cycling clothing at exclusive prices: Discover Heritage - Latest Deals

The De Marchi Heritage Collection is not just a trend, it's a dive into the past that enhances the style and elegance typical of the cycling of the Golden Age. It was born to celebrate the history of this incredible sport, to which De Marchi has contributed more than any other brand in the world. Discover Heritage – Latest deals, where many of our vintage cycling clothing items combine the historical charm of the great champions with the comfort and performance needs of the modern cyclist. An homage to tradition, passion, and timeless elegance of cycling at exclusive prices.

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The timeless charm of vintage cycling clothing at exclusive prices: discover Heritage - End of Line

Heritage – End of Line is a section dedicated to lovers of vintage cycling clothing, offering our most popular products at exclusive prices. The De Marchi Heritage line offers authentic reproductions of the retro cycling jerseys of the most popular teams of the past and of our creations based on historical woolen cycling garments, creating a Made in Italy uniqueness that testifies to our love for cycling since 1946. Our vintage cycling jerseys and vintage cycling shorts are inspired by iconic garments of the past, suited for both everyday life and your next vintage cycling event. The Heritage cycling apparel represents the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has characterized De Marchi since 1946, combining the vintage cycling apparel aesthetics with the functionality today's rider expects. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of cycling history with our discounted products selection in Heritage – End of Line. A unique opportunity to buy vintage cycling jerseys and vintage cycling shorts at special prices.

Heritage - End of Line: the Outlet for high-quality vintage cycling clothing

The vintage De Marchi cycling jerseys are more than just clothing items. They are the history of cycling, a testimony of the glorious past of De Marchi. Since 1946, we have been producing woolen cycling clothing like no other, faithful to our past and continuously specializing. Within our Outlet - End of Line of cycling apparel Heritage - End of Line, you can find some real gems like the Salvarani Pink Merino Jersey. Wear the history of cycling and prepare to be the most photographed at the next vintage cycling event. Take advantage of our exclusive prices and wear high-quality cycling clothing with a timeless charm.