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Choosing a thermal cycling jersey is vital when riding in Winter weather, as an alternative to layering mid-season jerseys with arm warmers. Jersey weight should vary based on temperature and use of other synergic garments such as windproof or waterproof cycling jackets and vests.

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Being able to pick the right thermal cycling jersey is crucial to maximize comfort and freedom of movement on the saddle. Weather, duration, and riding style are the key factors to build the cycling wardrobe that’s right for you.

Thermal insulation is obviously one of the main parameters to consider but air and water permeation are also important. The main materials that are typically used on thermal cycling jerseys are polyester, polyamide (nylon) and merino wool, usually combined with either one or sometimes even both of the above.

Polyester thermal cycling jerseys dry faster than polyamide ones but are also less elastic. Polyamide jerseys on the other hand are typically stretchy and more water and abrasion resistant but are also slower to dry.

Some wool, with the right weight and gauge ratio compared to the main material improves the overall fabric breathability and makes the whole jersey quicker to dry.

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