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Cycling short sleeve base layers

Discover our new short sleeve cycling base layers for men and women

Short sleeve cycling base layers can be worn for most part of the year under a technical cycling jersey to provide insulation or to absorb sweat. Even in Winter a short sleeve base layer can be extremely useful as it offers more freedom of movement and less unwanted frictions compared to long sleeve ones.

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How to choose the right short sleeve base layer. Short sleeve base layers perform best between 18 and 10 °C (65 to 50 F) when worn under a typical long sleeve, thermal cycling jersey. A further outer layer like a windproof cycling jacket can furtherly extend the limit to approximately 5° C (or about 40 F). Obviously, this depend on the jacket. In doubt it’s always better to go for a not too heavy one in order not to compromise freedom of movement and avoid overheating.

A short sleeve base layer under a technical cycling jersey is highly recommended over 20° C (approx. 68-70 F) and until about 32-32 °C (approximately 90 F).