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A good pair of cycling gloves is a must for any cycling activity. Gloves are primarily meant for grip but De Marchi technical gloves do more than just that. They offer active protection from harmful vibrations improving your overall cycling experience. 

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Lario Glove

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Leggero Glove

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Discover our best offers on men’s bike gloves for maximum performance and classic style

At De Marchi, we offer a range of bike gloves designed for optimal performance across various activities, from road cycling to gravel and off-road adventures. Our bike gloves are designed to provide protection from the elements and a perfect grip in cold weather, while also offering breathability and quick-drying capabilities in hot weather.

One of our industry firsts is the Revo series, jointly developed with Elastic Interface, the leading name in cycling comfort. The Revo gloves provide active vibration reduction for improved performance and comfort, allowing you to ride longer and more comfortably.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice cyclist, our performance line of men’s cycling gloves is tailored to meet your needs.