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Women's Classica Kit
Women's Classica Jersey + Women's Classico Bib Short
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Women's Classica Jersey
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Women's Classico Bib Short
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Women's Classica Jersey
One of our most versatile jersey ever, it can be used throughout most part of the year, in almost all weather conditions thanks to Sportwool fabric with merino wool, soft next to the skin and extremely breathable. Among the very first user of Sportwool and the first in cycling, De Marchi has actively contributed to te development of this popular fabric that blends wool's natural performance with high-tech polyester which is extremely quick-drying and easy care. Wool is in fact the only material known to be able to dissipate vapor sweat before it condensate into liquid and is therefore more difficult to get rid of. This way the body can breathe in hot weather but at same time wool is very insulating when temperatures drop. Classically styled with contrast ''Chevron'' inspired by the classic Vittadello team jersey originally made by De Marchi in the sixties, the Classica is the perfect training jersey during Spring, Fall and most part of the Summer but it can also be used in the Winter, paired with Classici arm warmers and a base layer of choice.
Women's Classico Bib Short
A triumph of performance and value, the Classico bib is the foundation of our women's technical apparel offer thanks to proprietary 3D engineering which provides selective muscle compression and a genuine Elastic Interface Endurance women's-specific short insert to allow more time on the saddle with high-density foams on key contact areas and permanent bacteria-static construction.
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