Demarchi - Winter cycling jackets

Winter cycling jackets

Discover the cycling Winter jacket that’s right for you.

Winter cycling jackets are essential in any cyclist’s wardrobe. With temperatures below zero and the so-called “wind chill” effect while riding, it’s necessary to wear a thick outer layer. All De Marchi’s Winter cycling jackets are guaranteed to be 100% windproof. Wind in fact can lower the temperature perceived by the body. In those cases, a good Winter cycling jacket can let you stay out longer and more comfortably.

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Winter cycling jackets are meant for protection from the elements

There are some key points that make a Winter cycling jacket great. Materials must obey to certain parameters such as wind and cold protection, breathability, quick drying, and freedom of movement. 

Its’ also necessary to consider the pocket’s storage capacity for the diverse riding styles. Gravel riding or backpacking on your bike will require more pockets than those typically used on road cycling jackets. 

Lastly, a good Winter cycling jacket must be visible from a distance in low light conditions. De Marchi offers a wide range of Winter cycling jackets for men and women that can satisfy the needs of any cyclist.