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Heritage Bundle: De Marchi Cycling Kits at Discounted Prices

The Heritage Bundle section at De Marchi is dedicated to those nostalgic for vintage cycling, those who love the steel of round tubes and the gear levers on the frame. Here you can find absolute quality vintage cycling kits at advantageous prices. Premium materials, high-level components, and timeless design that reflects the history of cycling apparel. Our bundles offer the opportunity to purchase a complete historical cycling outfit composed of retro jersey replica and retro wool shorts, at a discounted price compared to buying the individual items. For your next historic cycling event, choose a complete outfit signed by De Marchi: since 1946, the jerseys and innovations in the history of cycling apparel.

De Marchi Heritage Bundle: Combining Tradition and Innovation

For over 75 years, De Marchi has been synonymous with excellence in cycling apparel, combining tradition and innovation. Our cycling kits reflect this philosophy, combining high-quality materials, comfort, and Italian design. Whether you decide to replicate the feats of Louison Bobet at the 1951 Milan-Sanremo wearing Bottecchia Jersey & Shorts, or like Vittorio Adorni in Scic jersey thanks to SCIC Jersey & Shorts, our Heritage Bundles will always live up to the history of cycling.

Heritage: The Line for Lovers of Vintage Cycling

The Heritage line is dedicated to all lovers of vintage cycling and those who participate in historic cycling rides. Our Heritage Bundles are made with high-quality materials and designs that respect tradition, offering a unique and authentic riding experience, on the history of the great champions who marked the Golden Age of cycling.

Heritage Bundle: Cycling Accessible to All

With our Heritage Bundle, we offer the opportunity to experience the unique cycling experience of De Marchi at an affordable price. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a passionate beginner, you will find the kit that suits you.

Browse our Heritage Bundle section using our filters for color, size, and use. Find the perfect cycling kit for your specific needs and personal style. Thanks to our wide selection, you can customize your search to find exactly what you need for your cycling rides.