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Cycling-specific base layers are becoming more and more popular, thanks primarily to lighter, more technical fabrics that are available today. Differently from most people think, a lightweight base layer can sometimes be extremely useful also during warmer months.

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De Marchi cycling base layers: performance and style in any riding conditions

Traditionally, thick base layers are perceived as Winter or early Spring undergarments to help insulate from cold but recently lightweight base layers are becoming increasingly popular for riding even in the Summer to absorb excessive sweat.

De Marchi offers a wide range of cycling base layers to get you covered in any occasion. Merino wool-based undergarments are a must-have in mid-seasons for insulation and to absorb sweat. Lighter weight, mesh base layers are typically used until Summer while silk-based, extra-thin singlets can be worn even in very warm and humid weather for its typical fresh feel next to the skin.