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De Marchi Heritage line: retro cycling clothing, as authentic as it can get

Retro cycling clothing line Heritage De Marchi spans in different directions that celebrate the history of this incredible sport, to which De Marchi has contributed more than any other brand in the world.

Authorized replicas are an industry where De Marchi is an undisputed leader, having chosen to reproduce only the woolen cycling jerseys of the most popular teams of the past, obtaining their respective rights. Faema, Salvarani, Molteni, Pinarello, Cinelli, Bottecchia, Atala, Guerra are just some of the names of the historical teams that have made cycling history.

The retro-inspired racing bike clothing is instead inspired by iconic cycling garments of the past, adapted for current everyday use, not for competition, as in the case of commuting and city biking.

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Discover our special Heritage capsule collection at

Explore our exclusive Heritage capsule collection on, featuring a unique selection of retro cycling clothing that pays tribute to the glorious past of the sport.

Our collection goes beyond vintage-inspired apparel, as we have painstakingly recreated historical team jerseys from the finest pro teams of yesteryear. Using authentic pictures from our archives, we have crafted a range of authorized replica jerseys that are as close to the real thing as possible.

Crafted from pure new merino or merino wool blend, our collection of retro cycling jerseys includes iconic teams such as Faema, Salvarani, Molteni, Pinarello, Cinelli, Bottecchia, and Atala. Our attention to detail ensures that each jersey captures the essence of its respective team's history, making it the perfect addition to any cycling enthusiast's wardrobe.

At De Marchi, we take pride in our passion for cycling heritage, and our Heritage Capsule Collection is a testament to that. We invite you to browse our selection and experience the glory of cycling's past through our retro cycling clothing.