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Windproof jerseys

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Windproof cycling jerseys are a relatively new category in cycling apparel as they blend wind protection typical of vests and jackets with a proper cycling jersey fit.

De Marchi has contributed to the creation of the first ever windproof jersey in the early nineties, thanks to the adoption of special laminated fabrics that includes a membrane on the inside. It completely blocks wind and allows body perspiration to evaporate on the outside. De Marchi currently offers windproof jerseys both in short and long sleeves.

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De Marchi windproof jerseys: maximum protection from the elements no matter the season.

The secret behind the rapid diffusion of windproof cycling jerseys in recent times is due mainly to the evolution of technical fabrics that allowed the creation of lighter, more stretchable materials.

Materials used on windproof cycling jerseys are fused together with a technique (called lamination), which allows to obtain a multi-layer that acts as a single fabric.