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Windproof cycling jackets

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The secret behind a good cycling jacket is not only about choosing the right materials and finishing but also about an anatomical patterning that allows freedom of movement. De Marchi’s windproof cycling jackets are designed to fit on the bike with a concept that comes from over 75 years of experience in making the best Italian cycling apparel.

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De Marchi windproof cycling jackets: maximum wind protection and perfect fit

Technological development mixed with De Marchi’ s unique experience on the field has allowed us to create the best windproof cycling jackets for the diverse riding styles of the modern cyclist. Wind resistance can be obtained either by using extremely finely-woven yarns or with so-called membrane fabrics. Membranes are extremely lightweight and clear films that are bonded with an outer face for resistance and allows 100% wind protection, plus they are highly permeable to body sweat. All De Marchi cycling jackets are guaranteed 100% windproof.

Choosing the best cycling jacket is primarily a matter of weather. In transitional seasons layering is by far the best strategy so a lightweight, foldable cycling jacket to keep in the back pocket just in case, either 1 or 2 ply, will work just fine even in changing conditions.

With lower temperatures is better to start wearing either a lightweight or a medium weight jacket when leaving home, preferably over a technical cycling jersey and base layer. When it’s real cold then a multi-layer, thicker jacket with a fleeced back, like a soft shell, is preferable.