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De Marchi is auctioning a one-of-a-kind replica of Fausto Coppi's famous 1953 Road World Championship Jersey designed by iconic designer Elda De Marchi. Register to be part of this historic event from De Marchi and BlockStar.
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In honor of Il Campionissimo -
Fausto Coppi

Arguably one of the greatest cyclists of all time, Fausto Coppi is a legend. Multiple winner of the Tour de France, multiple winner of the Giro d'Italia and multiple winner of the classic monument races, he earned the name Il Campionissimo - the champion of all champions - due to his amazing feats.

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was winning the Road World Championships in 1953.

In honor of this, back in 1953 a very special jersey was made by the legendary cycling jersey maker, Elda De Marchi. This jersey was birthed out of her passion yet she had to craft it at night so as to not incur her father's anger as this would take her attention away from regular daily business. She created this in secret and sent it off to Fausto to commemorate his win.

It became his favorite jersey, which he proudly wore for the next year.

Then, surprisingly, this one-of-a-kind artifact of the cycling world was lost in 1955. No one knew what had happened to it, and it was all but forgotten until 2015, when it was found, safely stored in the garage of a dear friend of Coppi in Liguria. This jersey, now safely located in Museo Ghisallo, is now preserved as a true relic of the cycling world. It can only be viewed. Never touched. Never worn again.

Until Now.

Fausto Coppi
Il Campionissimo

In honor of Il Campionissimo, Elda De Marchi who is now 88 years old has created one - and only one - authentic replica of the most famous cycling jersey ever produced. This jersey, authorized by the Coppi family, has been made to the exact size, color and specifications of the legendary Coppi 1953 World Champion Jersey.

There will be one - and only one - replica created, ever.

And you can own it.

This is your chance to own a piece of history, handcrafted, never to be replicated again by the incomparable Elda De Marchi.

Fausto Coppi 3

In addition, and to make this opportunity even more exclusive, De Marchi will also bring a modern twist to ensure authenticity: a Digital Twin of the original 1953 jersey worn by Coppi.

Through an exclusive collaboration with BlockStar and using IBM Blockchain, De Marchi will issue the World's First Digital Authentic Good™ (DAG) Token. This one of a kind digital asset is issued and stored on the Blockchain, allowing you to not only guarantee the authenticity of this historic artifact, but also receive true ownership of the only authorized digital rendering of the original physical jersey.

This exclusive rendering lets you gain access to a whole new digital world, including usage in digital environments, trading on digital marketplaces and sharing on social media.


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